Kvalitetsgodkända program

Program som produceras för SVT ska följa SVT:s tekniska specifikation.

Denna checklista ersätter inte den tekniska specen, men lyfter fram skrivningar som är lätta att missa.

Informative Checklist

This document is an informative checklist for the delivery of television programmes as files to SVT The three normative technical specifications are “Technical Specification for the Delivery of Television Programmes as Files to SVT”, “Technical Specification for the Delivery of Live Television Programmes to SVT” and “Technical Specification for the Delivery to SVT News and Sports”.

File Naming

SVT's specific Programme-ID, Episode Number and Programme Title

e.g. PG-1234567-001A-PROGRAMME_TITLE

HD Video Formats

  • 50 Hz motion portrayal: 720p/50 or 1080i/25
  • 25 Hz motion portrayal: 1080p/25

HD Video Codecs

  • DNxHD 185x
  • AVC-Intra 100
  • ProRes 422 HQ
  • XDCAM HD422

Video Level Tolerance

  • Expected Y’R’G’B’ range (as 8-bit code values): 16-235
  • Allowed Y’R’G’B’ range (as 8-bit code values): 5-246 

Audio Loudness

Dialogue audibility must be ensured, with the minimum of interference from music and sound effects.

Audio mix compliance: EBU R 128

Programme Loudness: -23.0 LUFS ±1.0 LU

Allowed Maximum True Peak: -1 dBTP

Recommended Loudness Range: ≤18 LU

Recommended Loudness Range of Dialogue: ≤6 LU

Recommended separation between dialogue and background: ≥8 LU

Audio Channel Allocations

The two preferred channel allocations (of eight options):

The two preferred channel allocations (of eight options)

If possible, we prefer the audio to be delivered as a 3.0 or a 5.1 mix with all the dialogue distributed into the center channel.

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