Prix Europa 2020

Prix Europa winners SVT 2020

SVT's documentary Josefin & Florin was awarded Best European TV Programme of the Year 2020 about Cultural Diversity at Prix Europa 2020. Furtermore SVT received three special commendations for Caliphate (TV Drama), Gold fever (TV Documentary series) and The great moose migration (Online Media Project).

For the first time in its history the pan European broadcasting festival took place online, due to covid 19. The words of the jury:

Josefin & Florin

“Takes the level of reflection to a higher level as it tackles both, how we are different yet similar in an elegant and subtle manner.“


“The strong performances and central protagonists carry the structural complexity quite perfectly. It‘s hard to take ones eyes off the series.“

The great moose migration

“A simple, elegant online live stream that was thankfully available at a time of great national hardship. The multiple camera angles, a chat function and extreme responsiveness to user needs makes this project stand out.“

Gold fever - the quiet heist at the Royal Coin Cabinet

“This complex story is compelling. The pace is deftly handled with interviews, archive and actuality with very good photography and sound design. This true crime story is expertly revealed in the genre with narrative revelations and setbacks structured to heighten suspense. This production engages the viewer in each of the intriguing narrative strands.“

All winners can be found here.länk till annan webbplats