Catching a Stockholm Rapist

Catching a Stockholm rapist, a documentary series

The Stockholm rapist case became the most acknowledged crime investigation of its year, and a historic sex crime case in Sweden. SVT:s reporters got the exclusive opportunity to follow the investigation from the inside and meet with many of the victims, as well as the four young female investigators putting together the puzzle that led to 22 convictions involving 19 plaintiffs.

In the end it was the rapist’s female friends who took him down. Since they thought it to be unlikely that he would get caught for the sexual assaults, they tipped of the police on drugs and weapons he kept in his home. This led to his phone ending up on one investigator’s desk, and while she scrolled through it, she discovered his secret world of filmed sexual assaults – often involving sleeping or intoxicated women.

Catching a Stockholm Rapist is a three-part documentary series that not only tells the story of chance meeting persistent investigative work, but it also challenges the image of a serial rapist. The series shines light on the powerful sex offender tool that is gaslighting, as the victims bravely share their very personal stories.

Nominated in the TV investigation category at Prix Europa 2023.

Catching a Stockholm rapist, a documentary series.

Original title Nytorgsmannen: 19 kvinnor, en gärningsman

Genre Documentary, True Crime

Year of production 2022

Duration 3x50 minutes

Reporters Jimmy Kirvesmäki & Christoffer Hjalmarsson

Produced by SVT

Rights available World-wide, all platforms