Alfie Atkins

Alfie Atkins

Alfie Atkins is a classic children’s character and Gunilla Bergström’s books about him have been translated into 30 languages, becoming classics for millions of children in countries all over the world. Over five million books have been printed in Sweden.

Alfie Atkins has many names around the world. In Finland they call him Mikko Mallikas and in the Netherlands he is Alfons Alfrink. The Icelandic call him Einar Askell, the Polish Albert Albertson and the Spanish Alfonso. In Somalia he is Guuled and in Wales, Ifan Bifan.

The stories about Alfie Atkins often deal with everyday dramas that many children can relate to. Alfie lives with his patient father, doing a lot of pranks and exploring his neighbourhood. He really wants to be courageous, even though it doesn´t work out all the time.

This classic animation series from 1979 has recently been restored in HD.

Alfie Atkins

Original title: Alfons Åberg

Genre: Animation, Classic

Year: 1979

Duration: 13 x 10 minutes

Script Based on the books by: Gunilla Bergström

Director: Per Åhlin

Produced by: Pennfilm for SVT

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