Junior firefighters

Junior fire fighters tv series

Six children have been chosen to be part of the junior firefighter brigade. They go through the same challenges as real firefighters do during their training. The head teacher, fireman Jonas, gets the children started by going through trials – if they pass they’re ready for the tough training that lies ahead.

Throughout the show the children learn everything that you need to know when you train to become a firefighter. How does the fire truck work? What clothes do you need to wear and what equipment do you need to bring? How do you put out a fire, and save people who are trapped in a building full of dangerous smoke? What is important to think of when saving people in a road accident? And what about people who need to be rescued in water?

Being a firefighter is an occupation that interests many children, who sees the firefighters as heroes, looking out for people. In this series the diversity of the work carried out by fire fighters is put in focus by letting the children explore it first-hand. Being a firefighter is far from only putting out fires, that becomes very evident to the children.

Junior fire fighters tv series

Original title: Lilla brandstyrkan

Genre: Factual entertainment, Fire prevention & CPR

Duration: 10 x 14 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Producer: Magnus Johansson

Script: Stina Hammar

Produced by: SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se

Junior fire fighters tv series