Love crazy

Love crazy childrens programme

Love crazy is a series about a small class at a primary school full of loved up children with their emotions going of like fireworks.

We get to know Ali, who loves kisses, and head over heels Mia, love fixer Kalle, girl shy Elvis, and trouble-maker Aida among others. Get ready for hugs, conflicts, reconciliations and super great emotions!

Mia is on love with Ali, and today she has made up her mind. She will slow dance with him at the Halloween disco, the only question is: how will she let Ali in on her plans? Every day during break time they play chase. Aida really wants Kalle to chase her, but he only chases the other girls. One day Aida can’t take it no more, so she wrestles Kalle to the ground, and nothing stays the same…

Love crazy childrens programme

Original title: Pussgalen

Genre: Children

Duration: 15 x 5 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Director: Marie Lundberg

Script: Alice Mork

Editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel

Produced by: Svenska barnprogram for SVT

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