Prezzie snatchers

Prezzie snatchers, Tjuvarnas jul

Prezzie snatchers is a Christmas Tale in the spirit of Charles Dickens. The story takes place in the previous turn of the century in Stockholm, when Christmas is just around the corner. The city’s children are longing for Christmas presents, the big department store are hoping to make some money – and the city’s gangs of thieves are waiting to snatch the money!

Madame Bofvén is the head of a notorious gang of thieves, in native tongue called “prezzie snatchers” since Christmas is their high season. Kurre is the sharpest pick pocketer in the city, an orphan raised by the gang as his only family.

On Christmas day Kurre gets an unexpected visit. An abandoned child is standing outside his squat with a note around her neck – it’s his unknown daughter Charlie. Suddenly Kurre becomes a dad! How will he be able to combine parenthood with the gang of thieves’ operations? And how will Charlie cope with growing up among a gang of outlaws?

Prezzie snatchers, Tjuvarnas jul

Original title: Tjuvarnas jul

Genre: Fiction, Christmas calendar

Duration: 24 x 15 minutes

Year of Production: 2011

Directors & Script: Stefan Roos & Per Simonsson

Editors: Per Simonsson, Mattias Johansson

Producer: Marie Sandeborg

Produced by: Nordisk Film TV for SVT

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