Rainbow twins

Rainbow twins, Tvillingarna Bob

“When Bamse was 3,5 years old he was very clear when he expressed that he was a boy. We never hesitated in allowing him to be who he felt like. Many have asked us what we’ll do if he changes his mind. The answer is that I must acknowledge where my child is today. It is my duty as a parent. All studies show that it is of the greatest importance for trans people to get their identity confirmed at an early stage.” - Sofia Belin Bamse’s mum.

Olga and Bamse are two highly energetic 7-year-old twins. They call themselves Bob, short for Bamse Olga Belin. Every day is nothing short of an adventure on the farm where they live with their mum, dad, big brother Hugo and the pigs Lady Gaga and Fiona. When they were born their parents first thought that they were two girls, but Bamse felt more like a boy. And then he got to be one. Because one are what one feel like. Han picked the name Bamse after the famous Swedish cartoon character, because just like him he felt both strong and kind. In the world of Bamse and Olga anything is possible, they build a house, go for a picnic with the pigs, do acrobatics with their horses, make new friends and celebrate Pride.

Rainbow twins, Tvillingarna Bob

Originalt title: Tvillingarna Bob

Genre: Factual, Reality, HBTQI

Duration: Season 1, 10 x 5 min.

Year of Production: 2018, 2019

Director & Script: Marie Lundberg

Producer: Marie Lundberg

Produced by: Svenska Barnprogram for SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se