Selma's Saga

Selma's Saga

Selma’s Saga is a magical and exciting drama series for the whole family. It tells the story of 8-year-old Selma, who joins an expedition to the North Pole, trying to prove that Santa Claus really exists. Will she manage to find Santa before Christmas Eve arrives?

Christmas is closing in and Selma is devastated after her poor family has been notified of eviction. In desperation she runs away, accidentally bumping into the eccentric scientist, Ephraim von Triplehat. He is working on a thesis for the Academy of Sciences trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus.Selma also wants to find Santa, hoping that he can fulfill her dearest wish – that her family will be able keep their home.

Ephraim has built his own airship for the expedition to the North Pole and just before take-off, Selma manages to sneak onboard…

Selma's Saga

Original Title: Selmas saga

Genre: Fiction, Christmas calendar

Duration: 24 x 15 min

Year of Production: 2016

Directors & Script: Per Simonsson and Stefan Roos

Producer: Helena Larsson and Sanna Ekman

Produced by: Nordisk Film TV for SVT

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