Spookys kids

Are ghosts for real? Oh yes, if you have the ability to see them. Spooky´s is a secret school for ghost training. This is where special kids with the ability to see ghosts go to further their knowledge.

At Spooky’s you’ll find professor Jupiter, principal Ruby, and George who guards the entrance to the super-secret school. Gulp, Freezy and Electro are some of the ghosts who turn up to create disorder and chaos. We join the professor and the students Calle, Herman, Rio and Yousef on crazy and exciting ghost hunts all over town.

Each ghost has their own weaknesses and that is an important knowledge in order to fight them. The toughest challenge is when death ghost Mortem turn up. It’s the most dangerous ghost with the mission to take out the entire earth.


Original title: Spooky's

Genre: Drama, Adventure, SciFi, Children

Duration: 10 x 22 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Staffan Kihlbom Thor

Script: Carl Åstrand, Petter Holmqvist, Staffan Fredén & Sara Andersson Marmnäs

Produced by: Desirée Durina at ITV Studios for SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se