Stop!, Stopp

Maja is living a normal everyday life as a 5-year-old kid, with her mother, father and older sister. As most kids her age, Maja has a strong will and ideas. She is very curious and would like to do things herself, in her own way. But for Maja and most kids this age, the world doesn’t adapt after her schedule or what she wants.

The grown-ups are the ones deciding when and how to eat, sleep, play, go to preschool, what to wear, what not to wear, when to celebrate your birthday, when its Christmas eve, when to go to the bathroom, when to visit grandmother, when to have a babysitter, what to buy in the supermarket, if you’re allowed to have a pet… And when the adults are not close by, the bigger sister is in charge to make sure that Maja doesn’t get any candy or snacks. Well, lucky for Maja that she has the ability to scream “STOP!” Then she can move around objects and people changing things her way. When she is done and happy, she kick starts time again by shouting: “Ready, steady, go!”

Stopp, Stop!, tv-serie, SVT

Original title: Stopp!

Genre: Fiction

Duration: Season 1, 10 x 5 min/Season 2, 10 x 7 min.

Year of Production: 2016/2019

Directors: Oskar Gullstrand & Robin Jonsson

Screenwriters: Oskar Gullstrand, Robin Jonsson & Sigrid Hemer Nordenhake

Producer: Frida Klarker

Produced by: Naive for SVT

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