The Storm family

Storm på lugna gatan, The Storm Family

The Storm Family is moving from the big city to the sleepy small-town Iron Bend. As soon as they have moved in, they decide to join in on the annual Christmas tournament. But getting the willful neighbors to cooperate seem to be quite a challenge, and it doesn’t get easier when a secret saboteur joins the tournament!

Will the Storm family and their neighbors bring home the victory in Best Christmas Photo, Best Ginger Biscuit House, Best Santa Run and Best Christmas Decoration? Or will Iron Bend’s own Iron Lady Lussan Silverhielm win the tournament for the tenth year in a row?

Will the kids manage to find out who is the mysterious Christmas saboteur? A lot is at stake before it’s Christmas Eve at Iron Bend!

Storm på lugna gatan, The Storm Family

Original title: Storm på lugna gatan

Genre: Fiction, Christmas calendar

Duration: 24 x 15 minutes

Year of Production: 2018

Director: Emma Bucht

Screenwriters: Lina Åström, Marja Nyberg & Adrian Boberg.

Producer: Cecilia Norman Mardell

Editor: Christoffer Holmberg

Produced by: Baluba for SVT

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