The world's worst diseases

The worlds worst diseases EMMY

Plague, cholera and tbc – through history humanity has been affected by horrible, contagious and sometimes deadly diseases. In this humorous kids’ show you are brought along on a historical journey, where young guinea pigs experience the worst pestilence to hit Sweden.

Join us on this horrible – but fun – journey where Erik Ekstrand makes his guinea pigs try the worst diseases to have tormented Sweden and Finland, from the Middle Ages and forward. We get to know cholera as Nouveline and Mario moves from the country side to Stockholm in 1834. Where both get introduced to remedies such as pigs’ feet, herbs and leeches. In another episode Max and Anna get leprosy after a visit to the church. This means they not only have to wear a belt with bells that warns people off wherever they go, they’re soon enough moved to isolation on an island.

In ten episodes we get to know more about some of the most terrible diseases in history such as scurvy, smallpox, rickets and the Spanish flu. We learn why they emerged, what they looked like, how they were treated and how they affected society. The world’s worst diseases is factual entertainment at its best, making subjects such as history and epidemiology fun.

the worlds worst diseases tv series

Original title: Världens hemskaste sjukdomar

Genre: Factual entertainment, History, Epidemiology, Children

Duration: 10 x 19 minutes (2019), 10 x 19 minutes (2020)

Year of Production: 2019, 2020

Director: Martin Hellborgsson

Script: Ida Kjellin

Producer: Sara Håkansson

Show host & Script: Eva Funck

Produced by: Delta Studios for SVT

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