Trex, SVT, childrens fiction

Simon is six years old and has a pet that is a bit different from others – a Tyrannosaurus Rex, called Trex. It lives in Simon’s garage and on the surface everything seem fine, but having a pet can be a bit tricky, especially a cubbish T Rex.

Simon fights hard with feeding, walking and bathing his pet – and keeping the dinosaur from pooping on people or even worse - eating them. Simon and Trex are faced with a new challenge in each episode and it’s always trickier than Simon initially thought, since none of the adults around Simon share his love for a cubbish dino.

Who doesn’t want their own Tyrannosaurus Rex as a pet? Through numerous target research groups SVT:s producers saw that kids have an immense, never

fading and strong interest in dinosaurs. And many kids long to see more shows on big scary dinosaurs. At the same time kids over all has a great interest in animals and many kids dream of having their own pet.

This was the starting point for creating the thrilling short fiction series about Simon and his pet Trex.


Trex SVT

Original title: Trex

Year: 2019

Duration: 10 x 5 minutes

Script: Fredde Granberg and Thomas Claesson

Director: Magnus Samuelsson

Produced by: Anna Alandh/SVT

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