Killer in the family

killer in the family, johanna möller, arboga case

In 2016, the police find a married couple brutally attacked in their summer house. The man dies but the woman survives the attack. During the investigation, the police find out that the ex-husband of the couples daughter, Johanna Möller, died under strange circumstances in the same summer house only a year earlier.

Johanna Möller was in the autumn of 2016 exposed in worldwide media for the tragic deaths surrounding her. A mother of six and a social worker, suddenly accused for two murders.

The investigation direct suspicion in an early stage to Johanna Möller and a young refugee called Mohammad Rajabi. Almost a year earlier Mohammad arrived in Sweden as a refugee and he was placed in a refugee youth camp managed by social worker Johanna Möller. Johanna initiated a sexual relationship with the much younger Mohammad. At the same time, Johanna had big financial troubles and started working a dark conspiracy to find a solution.

This six-part true-crime series follows the investigation and trial against Johanna Möller. Journalist Nils Bergman talks to people around her and people involved in her case. Soon light is shed on a family tragedy and it becomes clear that Johanna manipulated a much younger lover to kill her father. Mohammed was 20 years old when he assaulted Göran and Anki Möller in their summer house, armed with a knife, while they were sleeping. How did he end up there?

Original title: Arbogafallet

Genre: Documentary, True Crime

Duration: 6 x 30 minutes

Year of Production: 2018

Narrator: Nils Bergman

Director: Martin Mork

Producer: Evalisa Wallin

Produced by: Nordisk Film TV for SVT

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killer in the family, johanna möller, arboga case