The Kevin case

the kevin case

A true crime series about two young boys accused of murder, and one of the most unique crime investigations in Swedish criminal history.

On the last day of the summer break in August 1998, 4-year-old Kevin is found dead on a wooden pallet close to a lake in a Swedish small town. What first looked like a drowning accident soon became one of the most unique crime investigations in Swedish criminal history. Early on the police suspected that children were behind the murder, and after a couple of months the unimaginable was confirmed at a press conference. Two brothers, Robin and Christian, had strangled their friend to death. They were only 5 and 7 years old.

For almost 20 years the police work behind the case had been celebrated and the conclusion were unchallenged. The brothers had been living in hiding and no one had ever questioned the fact that two small children killed Kevin. But when award winning investigative journalist Dan Josefsson contacts the now adult brothers, he finds a murder investigation were the search for the truth is far from finished. He hears that the brothers have no memories of murdering Kevin and he strongly starts doubting the verdict.

Piece by piece Josefsson unfolds what really happened inside the classified Kevin case. Together with the team of journalists behind the documentary The Experiments (that led to star surgeon Paolo Macchiarini’s resignation), they find torture like police methods and missing pieces of a puzzle that has been kept away from the public eye for nearly two decades.

the kevin case

Original title: Fallet Kevin

Genre: Documentary, True crime

Duration: 3 x 60 minutes

Year of Production: 2017

Producer & Director: Dan Josefsson

Executive producer: Johan Brånstad

Reporters: Anna Nordbeck & Johannes Hallbom

Researcher: Jakob Larsson

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