The murder of a prime minister

the killing of a prime minister

In this revealing true crime documentary one of the biggest judicial scandals in Sweden - the calling of the murder of prime minister Olof Palme - is exposed.

For 30 years most Swedes have believed that Christer Pettersson, a petty thief from a Stockholm suburb, was the one who killed prime minister Olof Palme in Stockholm 1986. But this investigation shows how the Pettersson case was manipulated by the Swedish police. By offering rewards to drug addicts in the Stockholm underworld, manipulating evidence and falsifying police reports, the police were able to bring Christer Pettersson to the District Court in Stockholm where he was given a life sentence. He was later acquitted of the murder, but despite that, most Swedes have over the years

remained convinced that he was the murderer.

After a thorough scrutiny of the methods applied by the police inspector who became famous as the arresting officer in the case, another truth appears. Right after the documentary aired in Sweden the prosecutor of the Palme task force publicly announced - for the first time - that Christer Pettersson was no longer a suspect.

the killing of a prime minister

Original title: Fallet Christer Pettersson

Genre: Documentary, True crime

Duration: 87 minutes

Year of Production: 2018

Director: Axel Gordh Humlesjö

Producer: Ola Christoffersson

Produced by: SVT/Mission Investigate

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