A year with the Swedish royal family

a year with the swedish royal family

Every year is a busy one for the Swedish Royal Family, and once again we are invited to share their work and adventure of the year gone. SVT has travelled with the Swedish Royal family through both celebrations and everyday life, at home and away.

As the Childhood Foundation turned twenty in 2019, Queen Silvia traveled to Cape Town in South Africa and met children and young people from the shantytowns. Princess Madeleine debuted as a children’s writer with the book ”Stella and the secret” which is intended to give children the courage to stand up for themselves. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia continued their campaign against bullying and hatred on digital platforms, while adding their own experiences of this. Sofia also joins Princess Victoria for a hike through some of Sweden’s nature treasures.

The year also marked the ten-year anniversary since Prince Daniel got a new kidney from his father. The Prince has devoted many years to advocating for organ donation, and in this year’s documentary he opens up about his own experience. Prince Daniel also travels to India to visit a project that aims to teach 30 000 children in the next three years. And as always the summer is spent at the Royal Family’s estate Solliden on the island of Öland, where Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar is playing around in the garden during the Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday celebrations.

SVT has been producing A Year with the Swedish Royal Family since 2014.

a year with the swedish royal family

Original titel: Året med Kungafamiljen 2019

Genre: Documentary, Royals

Duration: 59 minutes

Year of production: 2019

Director: Sara Bull

Producer: Marie Nyreröd

Produced by: SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se