About Inga

Inga in the documentary About Inga

Inga Landgré is one of Sweden’s great actresses, now 93 years old. She has a dream, she wants to reconnect with Greece, the place where she felt the most alive during her life.

Her friend Fanny joins her on a reunion adventure, which becomes an historic backdrop for a talk between two women from different generations. Through conversations Inga is reminded of her past, and life lived.

Inga had traveled most of Europe but she had, in her own words, saved Greece. So when she was awarded a traveling grant from the Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film after her divorce from actor Nils Poppe, Greece was her destination. The 1964 journey filled her with euphoria and happiness, as Greece became special to her.

Fanny Risberg has created an intimate an unsentimental portrait, beyond a rear window portrait of a Swedish icon, but a hymn to the emotions of life, melancholy, grief, elation and love. Being alive isn’t always easy, and a more honest portrait of a long life lived is hard to find.

Images from the documentary About Inga

Original title: Om Inga

Genre: Documentary, Art, Biography

Duration: 59 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Director: Fanny Risberg

Editing: Kaveh Akaber

Photography: Charlotta Tengroth

Produced by: Docster Pictures

Screener request: sales@svt.se