Alex’s life less ordinary

alexs life less ordinary

Alexandra Ortega gives dangerous, aggressive and condemned dogs a second chance. She lives out in the woods with her husband Amme, her thirty dogs, but also pigs, hens, cats, goats, horses, cows and even a llama - a birthday present someone left behind when they wanted to travel around the world.

Some find it odd that a young outgoing woman chose this life, but the explanation behind Alex way of living is best read in her past – and it’s a painful story about everyone’s right to life.

Alex way of practicing what she calls “talking dog”, communicating in the dog’s language, and her discipline receives acclaim from many. She hosts popular workshops for dog owners who are experiencing challenges with their dogs at her home and make home visits to clients all over Sweden. However, other find her provoking and even abusive, for which she has suffered many threats.

Alex's parents came as refugees to Sweden from Uruguay and she is the youngest of five siblings, three of which were born in Sweden. Her father was a nature lover and they shared an interest in animals. Alex has always loved dogs, but her mother wouldn’t allow them, so when Alex and her siblings got some money from her mother towards a driver’s license, she rebelled and bought a dog instead. Perhaps that was the beginning of her life less ordinary.

alex's life less ordinary

Original title: Alexandra och alla hennes hundar

Genre: Documentary, Animals

Duration: 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Producer: Bodil Appelquist

Editing: Mats Jonstam

Photography: Ivan Blanco

Produced by: SVT

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