Cod - hope of the Baltics

cod hope of the baltic sea

18 years ago journalist Peter Löfgren made the documentary The Last Cod. Back then the numbers of cod were decreasing at an alarming rate. It unveiled not only the corruption within the Swedish fishing policies but also what the exploitation of the Baltic Sea actually would mean to the future of our cod. It was a terrifying depiction of how we mistreat the fish and its habitat, the sea.

The Last Cod awakened both politicians and the public and paved way for a heated debate – that is still ongoing. Now Peter Löfgren returns to the same sea, to ask the question once again – What is happening to the Baltic Sea? This time he goes beneath the surface to better understand, and what he finds is frightening. The cod is back but the state of it has never been seen before – small, skinny and full of worms. A 5000-year-old Swedish cod culture looks like it’s going extinct.

If the cod disappear from the Baltic Sea the ocean’s eco system is at great risk of collapsing. Peter embarks on a new journey to find out more. Is there still hope in saving the cod and the Baltic Sea for our future generations?

cod hope of the baltic sea

Original title: Torsken – havets hopp

Genre: Documentary, Environment, Ocean

Duration: 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Peter Löfgren

Producer: Björn Hagberg

Produced by: Deep Sea for SVT

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