Gold fever - the quiet heist at the Royal Coin Cabinet

Gold fever

The world's finest Royal Coin Cabinet holds a treasure valued at 25 billion Swedish crowns. Now coins worth 25 million are gone and the museum director is the one suspected in this quiet yet staggering heist. This is an epic story of desires, secrets and lies – in a world of passionate collectors, secret orders, nobility and royalty.

Around the unique treasure down in the vault they meet: the curators, the collectors and the coin dealers. It is a very passionate collector's world. A kind of fellowships with secret orders, nobility and royalty. Now the Royal Coin Cabinet is facing the worst cultural heritage crime ever in Sweden, and it’s being committed from the inside. 1200 coins worthy of 25 million Swedish crowns have disappeared. At the center of the story we find the museum director, denying any involvement. Two experienced policemen have spent four years investigating the case with a growing obsession to try and understand. But will the police be able to prove who is guilty?

The gold leads the police, and us, deeper into a closed, exclusive world about to crack. Just as we think we've got a grip of the story, it takes a new turn. The man called Mr. Coin, the foremost coin dealer in Sweden and the expert witness of the police, invites us to his exclusive apartment in an upper-class neighborhood. With only a few months left to live, he lifts his eyes and whispers from his wheelchair:

"There is another suspect ..."

What has really been going on at the Royal Coin Cabinet? What makes a person with the highest status in society risk everything and his life’s work? What does the person central to the story - the museum director - say himself? And who is he really?

The documentary series received a Special Commendation in the Best European TV Documentary Series of the Year 2020 category at Prix Europa.

Gold fever the quiet heist at the Royal Coin Cabinet

Original title: Guldfeber

Genre: Documentary, True crime, Antiques & collectables 

Duration: 3 x 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Director & Producer: Åsa Blanck

Story producer: Matt Kentrschynskyj

Editing: Nils Nouchi & Marinella Angusti

Photography: Ellinor Hallin & Ivan Blanco

Produced by: SVT

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