Garffigina, graffitta

In the 90s Carolina Falkholt lived in the US and made a living painting graffiti with the best of New Yorks underground artists. Today she is an established artist in Sweden and internationally. We join her as she returns to New York for a one year residency – the place and the people that shaped her as an artist.

Carolina started of her career as a graffiti painter in Stockholm under the name Blue. She very quickly became one of the most prominent artists with the fearless and vivid way she painted the city, and is a well known person within the graffiti culture both in Sweden and the US.

Her signature murals, or burners, of the male and female genitals is created in an effort to contribute to the debate around sexuality. Carolina returns to a New York very different from when she last lived there. The current political climate in the US is a stark contrast to what she wants to say with her art.

Wherever she goes her murals make people react and feel, and this journey is no different. After having painted a huge penis on a building she is thrown into an American legal process threatening her future in the US, and she is forced to tackle both inner and outer demons in order to make her voice heard.

graffitta, graffigina

Original title: Graffitta

Genre: Documentary, Art, Graffiti, Street Culture

Duration: 57 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Teodor Hultberg & Engelbrekt Krantz

Producers: Sigrid Helleday

Executive producer: Anita Oxburgh/Migma Film

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