Just a normal person

just a normal person

22 years ago the identical twins Isabelle and Denise were born. But already as a child Isabelle knew she was different from the other girls. Isabelle knew she was a boy, born in a girl’s body. Some people are born in the wrong body and Sam is one of them. This is Sam's story.

In an old video clip a confident 6-year-old Isabelle says: ”I am going to be a dad when I grow up”. A few years later Isabelle changed her name to Sam. From then on Sam has been forced to explain who he really is, over and over again. His mother was confused at first, dismissing it as a phase. But from the moment she realised that Sam was dead serious, she fully backed him and his right to be himself.

His twin sister Denise has always stood beside him, as his guardian angel and confidant. Denise has also witnessed his suffering first hand, and in the film she talks about the bullying Sam has had to put up with throughout his life. In this intimate and finely tuned documentary we follow Sam from childhood to high school graduation, through breast removal surgery and testosterone injections. Now Sam is a young man, trying to find his way in a life that has not always been easy on him. Angered by constantly having to answer the same questions about his identity, Sam repeats: “I’m just a normal fucking person! Can we talk about something else?”.

The film has travelled to numerous festivals and was awarded the audience award at Los Angeles Documentary Festival 2016 and was nominated at BANFF Rockie Awards 2016.

just a normal person

Original title: En vanlig fucking människa

Genre: Documentary, LGBTQ, Coming of age

Duration: 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2015

Director & Producer: Malin Björkman-Widell

Executive Producers: Lars Säfström & Charlotte Madsen

Produced by: SVT