The bouncers

The Bouncers

The bouncer - almost a mythical profession. The one who decides who can enter, and who will be turned away, at the door of the club. In this reality series we get up close to four different bouncers whose work place is the Swedish club life.

The club world is powerful and made up of not only fun and glamour but also crime, pride and abuse, with a clear hierarchy that operates under a series of unwritten rules. The people guarding the door, and the place, often only have seconds to make a decision that can have devastating consequences.

We tell the story of people who start their evening by reading bedtime stories to their children before going to stand in the door at a club, or pub. The Bouncers is an investigative close-up portrait of a profession with plenty of legal and moral challenges that not only affects the person working in the door, but also his or her family.

The Bouncers

Original title: Dörrvakterna

Genre: Documentary series, Reality

Duration: 6 x 30 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Producer: Helene Ingelsten

Produced by: Jarowskij for SVT

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