When rain is over

when rain is over

”Clearly we’ve messed up the show. Nature will always be here however. And nature can and will restore these biosystems. The only question is, will we help her do that? Or let her do it by herself, after we are gone?”

Water is the foundation, the source and the mechanisms that govern life, but it also govern the whole biosystem and the climate of the Blue Planet. It is a miracle. The overuse of water resources is likely to wipe out the human species.

In When rain is over we get to know more about the importance of fresh water, and how rare it is. Human interactions are undermining our most valuable and important substance. We follow water’s role for the climate, and as a greenhouse gas. We learn more about the water cycle and how the interactions in nature can help cool the planet. When rain is over is an emotional roller coaster and eye opening film about a substance we all take for granted, until it’s not there - the liquid of life.

Tina-Marie Qwiberg was nominated for a Golden Sun Award at Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA) in 2017 for The last harvest, and has previously brought us The bee effect.

when rain is over

Original title: Efter floden

Genre: Documentary, Environment, Sustainability, Climate change

Duration: 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Tina-Marie Qwiberg

Producer: Mikael Qwiberg

Produced by: Triq Production for SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se