Witnesses Prix Europa

World renowned photographer Mikael Jansson has travelled across Sweden to listen to and document the last survivors of the holocaust. In bare yet powerful portraits the last generation come forward. As humans we are demanded to listen, and to never forget.

Witnesses is a poignant and intimate film about what happened, and must never happen again. Mikael Jansson met, photographed and filmed 97 survivors of the holocaust, before the exhibition Witnesses. This beautifully composed documentary brings forward unimaginable and important accounts, as they tell us what happened to them and their families in the Germans’ death camps.

Some of these memories have never been told, or even shared with their own children. Most of them arrived in Sweden in their youth, right after the liberation. Today they are between 90 and 100 years old. Soon they will not be able to talk about what happened, to share with their own words what they saw and experienced. What sits before us are the last witnesses.


Original title: Witnesses

Genre: Documentary, History, Holocaust

Duration: 59 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Director: Mikael Jansson

Producer: Kim Jansson

Editing: Dino Jonsäter & Johanna Joona

Cinematography: Carl Nilsson & Noah Beyene

Produced by: Studio Mikael Jansson

Screener request: sales@svt.se