Dips centers around three utterly incompetent diplomats. With Sweden’s reputation on their hopeless shoulders they have their eyes set to advance fast within one of the country’s finest and most secretive workplaces - The Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Mimmi Hamilton is a mentor with no moral what so ever, in charge of the trainee dips Fanny Båtsman and Jens Stråhle. Fanny is a woman of principles but awkward and socially inept. Jens is lazy and slow but with two diplomats as parents. The first episode starts off with the three creating a diplomatic crisis with China, and when the theme is feminist foreign policy the dips trio have been assigned to prepare a visit from Yemen. At first glance a simple job, but as always they’re close to a diplomatic breakdown.

Dips was created for SVT's on demand platform and placed itself in the top of most viewed programs online. A second season is currently in the making.


Original title: Dips

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 6 x 20 minutes

Year of Production: Season 1, 2018. Season 2, 2020.

Script: Marie Agerhäll & Jesper Rönndahl

Director & Producer: Marie Agerhäll

Produced by: Allvarliga Produktioner AB for SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se