When the siblings Felicia and Elias Kroon return to their hometown from the US, with their former NHL pro dad Mats, the current hierarchies among the local teenagers are challenged.

We follow the lives of four young people, linked together by the city and the game of hockey, as new love, friendship and dreams blossom – alongside an inevitable rivalry. Felicia and Elias need to find their place in school within the current hierarchy. Felicia finds support in her new friendship with Amie, who is also figuring out her identity. Elias is fighting the rivalry with the town’s most promising hockey talent – Ludvig. There is only one opening on the senior hockey team, and things doesn’t get easier when Ludvig and Felica fall in love. A forbidden love – according to the locker room rules.

Throughout the semester the teenagers are trying to find their way and their own identity, but it’s not easy when rumours travel fast on social media. Where every little mistake leaves you with gossiping and shaming behind your back. Questions are raised regarding what really made the Kroon family move back to Sweden? No one’s perfect, especially not the family most groomed and shiny family.

In the second season Elias is charmed by Klara, while Ludvig and Amie gets closer to each other in the music studio. Felicia gets reacquainted with Eagles new assistant coach, Jack Barret. Ludvig ends up in hospital after a game, and Amie prepares for her first meeting with a record label. Klara’s family is falling apart as her dad’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Power relations, lovers and friendships are changing and evolving in the small town.


Original title: Eagles

Genre: Drama, Youth

Duration: 16 x 20 minutes

Year of Production: Season 1, 2018. Season 2, 2020.

Script: Anton Nyberg with Stefan H Lindén, Michaela Hamilton &

Fanny Ekstrand.

Director: Amanda Adolfsson

Producer Måns Strömberg

Produced by: SVT

Screener request: sales@svt.se