The days the flowers bloom

the days the flowers bloom

A story of loss that follows three neighboring families through the friends Benny, Erik and Mikael from the 1970’s to the present day.

What is life, but not full of loss? Vi imagine ourselves in control of our own destiny, but when we least expect it coincidence will change our path. Sometimes we lose control. Sometimes we lose a father. Sometimes a son. Sometimes a whole family. Sometimes we lose everything.

Erik’s grandfather commits suicide in 1978 and in the 1990s Erik tracks the fate of unknown Jewish family members in Estonia. Erik misses the ferry back to Sweden, but his wife and child makes it, only to die in the terrible catastrophe of 1994. Mikael’s life is dominated by older brother Torbjörn whose drug abuse casts a shadow over the family. Forty years later, Mikael still deals with Torbjörn’s whims. When Benny’s dad brings his secretary home to the family, the perfect surface begins to crack. Forty years later, Benny recreates the collapse of his family in a stage play.

The days the flowers bloom is the final part of Jonas Gardell’s trilogy that begun with The half hidden (2009) and Don’t ever wipe tears without gloves (2013). Making up an epic quilt of stories totalling 10 episodes, about those who get to live and those who will die. The drama series received a special commendation at Prix Europa 2019.

the days the flowers bloom

Original title: De dagar som blommorna blommar

Genre: Drama

Duration: 3 x 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Script: Jonas Gardell

Director: Simon Kaijser

Producer: Maria Nordenberg

Produced by: SVT

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