Black out

black out

What would happen when there’s no more electricity? Ten contestants find themselves suddenly, and without warning, in a situation where electricity has disappeared from society.

How will the group react and how will the crisis affect each of them as individuals? The participants arrive at two different houses, for what they think will be a wonderful holiday adventure. One group ends up in a modern house and the other group on an old farm, without knowing the other group exists.

At first they think the lack of electricity is an accident before learning that they are part of an experiment. Not knowing how long the electricity will be off, they start by dividing their food and thinking how to store their supplies. Are they the only one’s affected, or can they work with other groups in the same situation?

Throughout the series experts explain how society and the public would be affected by a black out and offer advice. When broadcast in Sweden the sale of wind up radios emptied the shelves immediately.

black out

Original title: Nedsläckt land

Genre: Factual Entertainment, Game show, Survival

Duration: 6 x 30 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Broadcasting channel: SVT1

Format distributor: Magnify Media