A charming and energetic music quiz that has entertained the Swedish audiences for 15 years running.

In Doobidoo two teams of two well-known artists compete in a playful quiz that is all about music.

There are several different competition components within the show. One features a participant trying to communicate a song title to his team member, without using any spoken language. In another the host shows a slip with a sentence from a famous song, and the team that first starts to sing the songs refrain gets one point.

Ever since it premiered Doobidoo has been one of Sweden’s most popular entertainment programmes, getting the tv audiences across the country to sing out loud in front of their tv sets. The format has been exported to Australia and Poland with great success.


Original title: Doobidoo

Genre: Entertainment, Game show, Music quiz

Duration: 12 x 60 minutes

Year of Production: 2005 - 2020

Broadcasting channel: SVT1

Format distributor: Magnify Media