The summer auction race

The auction summer race tv series

For many swedes summer means going across the county, or country, looking for auctions and calling in old treasures and vintage bargains. It’s a popular summer activity, and in this show we turn it into a competition. We go from auctions in the open meadows of the south to the dense forests in the north, where the sun never sets - come rain come shine.

In this factual entertainment show two teams compete against each other in who is the smartest in bringing home the most valuable items at an auction. Each team is made up of two people, representing their county - partners, friends or family members, and they both get the same pot of money to start with. In each episode one team is announced winner, and in the final episode the two most successful teams meet – where the summer auction race comes to an end, and the most successful couple is awarded with the golden auction hammers.

Leading the show is a popular homey tv-host and by her side are two knowledgeable valuers.

The show aired on Tuesdays at prime-time 8pm, and gathered an average of 1,12 million viewers (11,3% rating). The show held a 37,8% share and reach of 15,1%.

The auction summer race tv series

Original title: Auktionssommar

Genre: Factual entertainment, Auction, Interior design

Duration: 8 x 58 minutes

Year of Production: 2019

Producer: Gunnar Hofverberg

Produced by: SVT

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