The architect's place

The architects place

Guided by the charming architectural expert Mark Isitt we visit the homes of six prominent Swedish architects. We’re invited to their own inspiring and unique homes and hear their thoughts on what they feel makes a proper home.

We meet architects in their own home, where they’ve made their own very thoughtful decisions regarding angles and light, down to the smallest of screws. Prepared to get inspired by the beauty of the rooms, steadfast advice and some useful architect’s secrets. How do they create clever storage that blends with the purpose and design of the house? How do they let the change of the seasons play a part when creating a house? and what are their ideas when it comes to creating a sustainable home for the future?

In each program we move through the chapters: The home of the architect, The office of the architect, The inspiration of the architect, The advice of the architect and The homes of others created by the architect.

The architects place

Original title: Hemma hos arkitekten

Genre: Documentary series, Architecture, Lifestyle

Duration: 6 x 30 minutes

Year of Production: 2020

Producer & Creator: Ann Victorin

Produced by: SVT

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