Veggie galore

Veggie galore SVT

Veggie Galore is Sweden’s first all-vegetarian cooking program. The enthusiastic and happy go lucky chefs Karoline and Elenore will inspire you with 100% wholesome and natural food in a dreamy setting.

Every episode has its own theme where the hosts Karoline Jönsson and Elenore Bendel-Zahn create irresistible meals, using ingredients that you can grow in your garden or pick for free in nature.

Veggie burgers with raw mayo, spicy tacos and edible face masks are some of these mouth-watering and delicious dishes. The whole series is shot outside Karoline’s cosy hipster countryside home in

southern Sweden, a highly picturesque and inspirational setting.

Veggie Galore svt

Original title: Vegorätt

Genre: Lifestyle, Foodies, Cooking, Vego

Duration: 5 x 30 minutes

Year of Production: 2016

Director: Jonas Skottheim

Producers: Jonas Skottheim & Jonas Gunnarsson

Produced by: SVT

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