SVT Festival

SVT has won numerous awards at international tv festivals with our productions, co-productions and media projects, and we are represented at conferences and forums such as EBU Creative Forum and INPUT.

In 2019 the journalists of our department Mission Investigate was awarded an International Emmy for Deceptive Diplomacy – an investigation into the murder of two UN officials and their aides in Congo. In 2017 the same department was nominated at the International Emmy’s for The Panama Papers. SVT has also been awarded for our factual entertainment content at the awards, with Wild Kids and Marrying Mum and Dad as well as The Great Swedish Adventure. In 2014 Nima Sarvestani’s No Burqas Behind Bars won Best TV Documentary.

Deceptive Diplomacy was also awarded Best TV investigation at Prix Europa in 2019, where Marcus Lindeen’s The Raft was awarded Best TV Documentary - and the fiction series The Days the Flowers Bloom received a special commendation. At Prix Europa SVT has made a mark in the current affairs, documentary and Prix Iris categories with special commendations for The General (Current Affairs, 2016) and Blood Sisters (TV Documentary, 2016) and an award for Abuse and the UN (Current Affairs, 2017). In 2017 Språkplay was awarded Best European Online Project.

2019 also proved to be successful for our sports documentaries as Zlatan – for Sweden with the times won CIVIS Media Award in the Football and integration category, and The History of Hockey was awarded at Milano Sports Movie and TV Festival – where The Right to Play Football was given an honorary mention. The year prior Rainbow Heroes was embraced by the international public service community at INPUT in Brooklyn (USA). The Experiments, The Wonderful Adventure of Madame Deema, and The Martyr are more recent examples of our INPUT contribution.

When it comes to operas, plays and performances SVT has brought numerous awards home from Golden Prague and Rose d’Or. Most recently Play at Garnier won in the Performing Arts category at Golden Prague, where the documentary Opera Beats also was nominated. In 2018 the musical satire on Europe's handling of the refugee crisis in 2015, Grotesco - the Refugee Crisis: a musical, won Best comedy.

We proactively submit entries to the leading festivals in the world, such as the above mentioned and Prix Italia, EBU Creative Forum, Nordic Kids Media, Prix Jeunesse and more.

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