Live Programme Delivery

Technical Contacts

See section Circuit Bookings and Play-out Point of Contact below.

Circuit Bookings

The SVT point of delivery is currently the Master Control Room (MCR) in the “TV House”, Oxenstiernsgatan 34 in Stockholm. However, as new buildings come on-line programmes may be required to deliver to other locations. Unless otherwise agreed, it should be assumed MCR is the required point of delivery.

The production company is responsible for the costs of all communications and for ensuring all circuits are booked from the source to the point of delivery. Bookings of circuits should be directed to SVT’s contribution booking office in SVT Master Control Room (MCR).

The production company should also inform the MCR of the full route preferably two weeks in advance, or as soon as a circuit route has been decided before the programme production date.

  • SVT Master Control Room (MCR):
    • Stockholm: / +46 8 784 75 50 / +46 8 784 75 51 / Every day 06:00-23:30.

For deliveries outside these hours MCR should be informed 28 days in advance.

Facilities for down linking satellite circuits to MCR in Stockholm are available at commercial rates. SVT also has permanent circuits to MCR.

Play-out Point of Contact

The Duty Engineering Managers (DEMS) in MCR are the main operational point of contact working closely with the playout editors. Technical enquiries affecting immediate delivery should be made to:

  • Duty Engineering Managers (DEMS) in SVT Master Control Room (MCR):
    • Stockholm: / +46 8 784 75 50 / +46 8 784 75 51 / Every day 06:00-23:30.

Schematic Diagram

When requested, the Production company should provide a schematic diagram to the specific commissioner at SVT documenting the end to end signal path, including back up circuits, between the remote location and SVT preferably two weeks before the transmission date. This should include circuit numbers and contact details for key Technical / Production Staff working on the live programme.

Codec Map

If requested, a Codec Map documenting all codecs (including bit rates) through which a signal passes before arriving at the SVT Point of Delivery, should be sent to the specific commissioner at SVT.

Resilience Levels

Resilience levels will be discussed with each live programme during the commissioning stage. However, as a guide, programmes will need to meet the following: 

  • OPTION A: Programmes with a major Swedish and International public interest
  • Main and Backup links are geographically and electrically separate as far as possible. Where satellite is used, there are two separately located uplink trucks, powered differently from each other. The source should be able to continue in some form, during a break down or power loss affecting some facilities. The programme producers must discuss the contingencies for alternate content should all facilities be affected.
  • OPTION B: Live Primetime Programmes (e.g. Saturday early evening)
  • Main and Backup links and power supplies have some commonality, which creates an accepted single-point-of-failure risk. Reserve links could be lower quality or even SD. A reserve power supply should be available; however, it only needs to be capable of supplying the minimum infrastructure to keep some of the programme on air. The programme producers should discuss alternate content should all facilities be affected. 
  • OPTION C: All other programmes including live links into studio programmes
  • A single link, with no backup is acceptable. There only need be minimal alternate power supply and mobile phones can be used as alternate communication devices. SVT may provide alternate content in the event of programme failure. The Production is responsible for filling any loss of link into a live studio programme to meet the scheduled duration.

Surround Audio Requirements

SVT has no additional requirements or instructions beyond compliance to Surround Sound Requirements, Surround Sound Mixing Requirements and Dolby Metadata Settings under Audio Technical Requirements and Appendix C (regarding Dolby E).

End Credits

SVT has no additional requirements beyond compliance to the ‘Safe Areas for On-Screen Text’. Regarding use of branding and trademarks, contact your commissioner at SVT.

UHD Programmes

Ultra-High Definition (UHD) programmes are not accepted by SVT.

3D Delivery

SVT does not accept stereoscopic 3D programmes.

Operational Guidelines for Live OBs & Studios

SVT has not created operational guidelines.