SVT File Delivery

File Delivered Programmes

Technical Responsibility and Contacts

The Duty Engineering Managers (DEMS) in SVT Media Centres are the main point of contact for technical enquiries affecting immediate (defined as ‘on the day’) file delivery.

Duty Engineering Managers (DEMS):

  • Stockholm: +46 8 784 76 80 /
  • Göteborg: +46 31 83 72 50 /
  • Malmö: +46 40 22 72 00 /
  • Umeå: +46 90 17 51 40 /

For all other enquiries, contact your commissioner or consult the SVT B2B web site.

File Delivery

First Time Set-up

Production companies or post-production companies, who have not delivered a file to SVT before, must contact their commissioner and/or the DEMS.

Standard File Delivery

For problems and ‘on the day’ file delivery, contact the DEMS.

Close to Transmission Delivery

Programmes that are commissioned to deliver close to transmission will be given full instructions at the time of commission. The producers must contact their commissioner and/or the DEMS if at any time during production or post-production they believe the programme may miss the contracted delivery date.

Programme File Naming

Contact your commissioner at SVT in each programme case to receive SVT’s specific programme identifier information. Use that specific programme identifier information given to you in all correspondence and delivery.

Programme Number Metadata Format

The specific programme identifier information given to you will be named as follows:

  • A prefix identifying a programme for delivery to SVT (PG-), a programme-id (seven numbers, 0-9) identifying the programme (series), a hyphen, and an episode number (three numbers, 0-9) followed by a version-identifier (e.g. A), followed by a hyphen and the programme title in upper case (one or more characters, A-Z).
  • Any spaces in the programme title must be replaced with underscore “_”.
  • The maximum length of the title is 238 characters.
  • Filename extensions must be in lowercase.
  • Umlaut characters (e.g. Å, Ä and Ö) are not permitted.

File Naming

File Naming

Programme files delivered to SVT must be named with the, to you given, specific programme identifier information.

File Naming QC Report

The not mandated, but recommended, delivery of Quality Control (QC) reporting files follow the same naming convention as programme files with the report name as a further identifier after an underscore:

  • An Automatic Quality Control (AQC) Report = _AQC
  • A Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE) Report = _PSE
  • An Eyeball QC Report = _EYE

Some AQC devices combine the AQC and PSE reports and others allow manual entry for comments from the Eyeball QC. SVT accepts all options if it is clear from the file name what is included.

The not mandated, but recommended, Quality Control (AQC, PSE and Eyeball) reports delivered to SVT must have the same, by SVT to you given, specific programme identifier information:

File Naming QC Report Diagram

File Naming QC Report

The programme file and, if available, QC report PDFs should be put into a single folder that must have the same name as the programme file (but no extension). For the above example, the folder name would be: PG-1300828-006A-SA_SKA_DET_LATA

Surround Sound

SVT has no additional requirements or instructions beyond compliance to Surround Sound Requirements, Surround Sound Mixing Requirements and Dolby Metadata Settings under Audio Technical Requirements.

End Credits

SVT has no additional requirements beyond compliance to the ‘Safe Areas for On-Screen Text’. Regarding use of branding and trademarks, contact your commissioner at SVT.

Programme Parting

SVT has no additional requirements beyond compliance to this section.

SD File Programmes

Programmes that are commissioned or required to be delivered in Standard Definition must always be 16:9. Archive programmes made from entirely 4:3 content must be placed in a 16:9 raster (i.e. Pillar Box format).

UHD Programmes

Ultra-High Definition (UHD) programmes are not accepted by SVT.

3D Delivery

SVT does not accept stereoscopic 3D programmes.